What We Do


Proactive, monitoring member or patient behaviors as leading indicators


Prioritize imminent member or patient actions that impact business and clinical outcomes


Reach the identified member or patient using our partner community and network

Predict Health’s Behavior Signatures® are unique leading indicators and behavior markers – built off social determinants of health and non-clinical health data – that provide insights and predict member actions

Solutions for Payers

Member Acquisition

● New member identification
● Understand member behavior personas
● Age-Ins and plan transitions for Medicare Advantage
● Use of Supplemental Benefits for Medicare Advantage
● Acquisition ROI

Member Retention

● Re-enrollment.
● In-plan and in-brand retention.
● Reduction of membership churn.
● Eligibility re-determination.

Member Engagement

● Risk Adjustment Factor improvement.
● Master Patient Scheduling.
● HEDIS measures and reducing gaps in care.

Solutions for Providers

Patient Acquisition

● Footprint and geography based.
● Condition and risk prediction.
● Acquisition ROI.

Patient Retention

● In-network retention.
● Appointment no-show reduction.
● Use of NEMT benefits and support.

Patient Engagement

● Readmission risk reduction.
● Improving interactive patient care experience.
● Personalized content and patient education.

Digital Voice-Assistant

● Enabling voice to in-patient care experience.
● Voice prompting and virtual rounding.
● Post-acute and discharge engagement.



Predict Health’s solution is unique, end-to-end and delivers results. From proactive and continuous monitoring of data streams to identify individuals showing leading behaviors of a business or clinical action, to pinpointing members in need for an intervention or outreach, to guided remediation using client resources or our strategic vendor network, we deliver proven results.

Helping People Access Care

We give back a portion of our company’s earnings to helping people with difficulty in accessing healthcare. Through our Predict Health for All® Program, we buy and forgive crippling medical debt that is burdening our country’s most vulnerable.

The impact: so far, we have helped retire more than $50,000 in medical debt.

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