Predicting behavior and motivating action

We predict who will sign-up for your plan, provider or care program. We tell you why they will do so and how to scale that growth. We also implement and deliver the outcomes for you. Our clients grow faster and more profitably than their competition.

Profitable Growth

Predict Health’s Behavior Signatures® are leading indicators and behavior markers – built off a census of member and patient preferences, social-determinants of health and non-clinical health data – that enable unheard of precision in meeting profitable growth objectives


Predict who is likely to join or renew a plan, program or provider and why they will do so in advance.


Identify and directly reach those individuals who are “ready to act” resulting in the highest ROI.



Engage the identified individual using our approach and partner community.


Our solutions help payors and providers grow

Provider Types

  • Hospital Systems
  • Accountable Care Organizations
  • Integrated Health Systems
  • Specialty Networks and Clinics
Payor Types

  • Medicare Advantage
  • Commercial and ASO
  • Managed Medicaid
  • Individual and Exchange


We have built a proprietary understanding of people’s health preferences and behaviors – data health organizations need, but lack – allowing us to deliver business changing outcomes for our clients. We require almost no data from our clients to achieve results.


Improvement in re-enrollment rate


Increase in incremental premium revenue


Increase in patient appointment keep rates

Our Community Impact

We invest a portion of our company’s earnings to help people facing difficulty in accessing healthcare. Through our Predict Health for All® Program, we buy and forgive crippling medical debt that is burdening the most vulnerable in our communities.

The impact: so far, we have helped retire more than $250,000 in medical debt.


Predict Health wins the NOLAHI Healthcare Consumer Engagement Challenge

Predict Health is excited to be selected as a winner of the Healthcare Consumer Engagement Challenge, a challenge statement submitted by Tulane University and Ujamaa Economic Development which is put on by the New Orleans Business Alliance, an accredited economic...

Predict Health partners with and closes an investment from Chicago-based, First Trust Capital Partners

Predict Health announces a new investment from First Trust Capital Partners.

Predict Health Selected to Participate in Health Plan Innovation Roundtable’s (HPIR) Innovator Cohort Groups

We are absolutely thrilled! Predict Health was selected to participate in the Health Plan Innovation Roundtable’s (HPIR) 2019 Cohort 1 Group held at the Priority Health offices in beautiful Grand Rapids, Michigan. With more than 200 innovator submissions, Predict...

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