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We Study and Continously Learn What Drives Members to Choose, Renew and Rate their Plans

Our Story

Our seniors face a wide range of challenges in affording their care – they work part-time jobs for additional income, support their children or grandchildren, care for partners and friends, manage their health coverage, make doctors’ and treatment appointments, refill prescriptions, protect their health, and juggle bills, all while staring down rising healthcare costs and limited income growth.

This story is not unique. It is the story of our parents, their friends, and every other senior in our country – people we know and love. The system is broken, and seniors need our help.

"We Understand the Person Behind the Member"

Here at Predict Health, we are doing our part to help rebuild the country’s broken health care system for our seniors, and our parents and improve their health and wellbeing.


In 2018, when Sailesh, our founder’s father, was traveling to Colorado to meet his grandchildren, he got dizzy and was rushed to the hospital. While everything ended up being fine, his hospital visit led to a myriad of bills and confusing options. When Sailesh’s family—our founder Shub and his sister Shohini—tried helping, they got trapped in an ever-growing maze of insurance processes, policies and jargon. Sailesh’s health insurance broker, who recommended the plan, was of very little help. It was clear that the plan they recommended was not a good match for Sailesh - he was sold health insurance that did not meet his needs. He simply did not have the tools or help he needed to make an informed choice in the first place. He dropped his coverage and switched plans the next chance he got. This experience is not unique to him – more often than not, our nation’s health care system leaves people feeling overwhelmed, powerless, and at risk for financial ruin.


We decided to take on the system and make things better for everyone – both insurers and consumers. We help insurers create high-value plans and engaging plan experiences that meet the needs of the increasingly technologically savvy, and independent, senior population. And we help Medicare consumers get the most out of their coverage experience.


We are currently serving thousands of Medicare Advantage members and their plans, and we are just getting started. Join us!

Community Impact

Investing in Our Most Vulnerable Seniors

Almost $500,000 retired!

Our healthcare system can be unforgiving for our most vulnerable. Daily almost 70 million Americans face financial hardship due to medical costs, with a third of them above the age of 65 years. Medical debt is the leading cause of personal bankruptcy among seniors. This should not be the case.

We are doing our part to dismantle and address this burden that our seniors face. Predict Health earmarks a portion of our company's earnings to help our most vulnerable seniors who are struggling with the cost of care – we buy, forgive and retire their medical debt.

To date we have already helped retire almost $500,000 in medical debt.

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