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The Medicare Advantage EAC Webinar
Episode 1: Understanding New Enrollee Advisory Requirements for D-SNPs

For Episode 1 of our three-part series we'll dig into new rules from CMS for Medicare Advantage and Enrollee Advisory Committees for D-SNPs, including:

  • What are the basic requirements in the new rule?

  • What has CMS not weighed in on?

  • Can we expect new technical assistance or sub-regulatory guidance?

  • What areas do states have flexibility to add more prescriptive requirements?

  • In the absence of CMS requirements, what are basic best practices?


  • Shub Debgupta (Predict Health)

  • Rex Wallace (RWC)

  • Kacey Dugan (Faegre Drinker)

  • Mike Adelberg (Faegre Drinker)

Learn more about our new turnkey solution that allows you to:


  • Meet Upcoming CMS Requirements

  • Improve Plan Performance

  • Save Time

  • Stay Competitive


Effective January 1st 2023, CMS requires D-SNPs to include enrollees in plan governance in every operating state. Guidance is open-ended. CMS expects plans to incur significant costs to execute.


These CMS mandates will be a heavy lift that will further distinguish leading health plans.


In collaboration with Rex Wallace Consulting, Predict Health has introduced a first-of-its-kind solution that allows you to launch and maintain impactful Enrollee Advisory Committees faster and more efficiently.


Predict Health is an innovative leader in building and maintaining Medicare member communities using a data-driven approach to recruit, engage, and improve member experience and retention.


We use a proven methodology to ensure the successful planning and implementation of the Enrollee Advisory Committees to meet your Plan goals, drive higher Plan performance, and ultimately excel in the marketplace.


Our adaptable approach can be all-inclusive or tailored to meet your plan’s goals and budget.


Learn more about this turnkey solution before the deadline by filling out the form today.

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