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Which Measure Groups Drove Improvement Among 5 Star Rated Hospitals in 2022?

CMS Overall Hospital Quality Star Ratings assess hospitals on the following 5 measure groups:

  • Mortality

  • Safety

  • Readmission

  • Patient Experience

  • Timely & Effective care

These measure groups are standardized to have a mean of 0 and a standard deviation of 1. Each measure group is scored across various individual measures and a summary score is calculated to rate the hospitals from 1 star to 5 Stars, with 5 being the highest Star Rating a hospital can achieve. In 2022, CMS has given 5 Star Ratings to 431 hospitals out of 3121 hospitals that received a Star Rating. These would make up roughly 14% of the total number of hospitals that were rated for 2022.

Among these, 300 hospitals retained their 5 Star rating from the previous year. 12 hospitals jumped from 3 Stars to 5 in 2022 Star Ratings and 118 hospitals jumped from 4 Stars in 2021 to 5 in 2022. An understanding of the areas in which these hospitals have improved to achieve 5 Star Ratings can provide a roadmap to improvement for other hospitals. In light of this, this article takes a closer look at the measure groups that the hospitals improved on in 2022 to achieve their 5 Star Ratings.

The 130 hospitals that improved their scores to a 5 Star Rating in 2022 have shown improvement across 4 out of 5 measure groups.The highest improvement is seen in the Readmission scores with an average improvement from 2021 of 0.36. This is followed by Mortality and Safety scores.

Predict Health Science Team

Nov 3, 2022

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