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What did the 2023 Medicare Advantage Stars Climbers do Differently?

The release of the 2023 Stars ratings saw many plans achieve lower Stars values than they had in 2022 and relatively few plans increase their ratings. In fact, only 49 plans saw increases in their overall star ratings compared to 2022. Of these, 17 increased their ratings in the all important 4 Star or above ratings category.

Given that the overall trend this year has been for lower ratings, it’s informative to look at the plans that did manage to improve in this difficult environment. It provides a guideline for other plans looking to prioritize their focus and effectively navigate a changing Stars ratings environment.

A simple way to gain insight into how plans that managed to improve differed in their performance from other plans, is to look at performance across the 9 Star rating domains or measure categories defined for Part C and Part D. Domain Star ratings are calculated for groups of related measures as the average of the individual Star ratings of the measures included in the domain. The changes to the 9 domains or measure categories from 2022 to 2023 are shown below.

Figure 1: Star Climbers Ratings Changes from 2022 to 2023 by Domain or Measure Categories

For those 49 plans who increased their Stars Ratings in 2023, increased their measures in three key areas:

  1. Member experience for the health plan

  2. Member experience for the drug plan

  3. Drug plan customer service

Focusing on member experience and customer service, in this year’s difficult environment, remains an effective way to improve Stars ratings. What was also interesting is that the Star Climbers did not see increases in all Domains, but in the few that mattered more.

To better understand how your plan can build the capabilities and functional expertise needed to improve these (and other) Stars measures, please contact us to learn more about our 2023 Stars Leaders Benchmarking Survey and analysis.

Predict Health Science Team

Oct 12, 2022

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