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Next Generation Member Intelligence Solution for Plan Growth

Smart Member Acquisition


We understand what members want from their Medicare plans, what type of plan experiences they seek, how they judge plans, and what causes them to switch. We use AI and advanced data analytics to know this for every eligible member and help plans better find, engage, and meet the needs of prospective members.

Our acquisition solutions use AI to dramatically expand the acquisition opportunity to identify and engage the 15 percent of the market who actively shop for plans and also the 85 percent of the passive shoppers, including the hardest-to-reach population segments.

Our AI-based solutions result in higher quality members, lower acquisition costs, and reduced lapse.


Proven Member Retention


Consumers drop health plans for a reason. These reasons or triggers impact your consumers to varying degrees. We identify and predict those reasons and triggers in advance, we then assess impact, identify and deliver interventions to support members in advance of a reversible plan change decision. Our AI-driven intelligent outreach delivers service recovery and drives member renewals and re-enrollments growth.

Our solution also identifies vulnerable members in need of extra help, low-income subsidy renewals, and re-determination support.


Advisory Group Management to Improve Outcomes and Meet CMS and Accreditation Needs   

With increased emphasis on incorporating member voice and member-experiences in achieving plan outcomes our solutions help Medicare Advantage, Dual-Eligible Special Needs, and Medicaid Plans not only meet CMS and health equity accreditation program requirements for Enrollee/Beneficiary Advisory Committees but also to capture and use ongoing member input  

Using unique data, member insights on behaviors and actions, as well as predictive analytics, our solutions identify opportunities and measure progress towards key plan outcomes including Stars improvement, health equity measurement and improvement, and compliance with newly introduced CMS requirements for Dual-Eligible Medicare Advantage plans. 

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Our Impact


Our ACO client membership grew by 30 percent year over year

$2+ million

Generated $2+ million in increased margin for a Medicaid plan


Identified and engaged 50,000 vulnerable members at risk for dropping coverage to renew


Identified and supported 3 percent of a membership population in submitting LIS qualification and continuing coverage

Our Impact

Increased Redetermination rates by 18%

Increased a Medicaid plan’s redetermination rate by 18% using AI and our unique data. Helped more than 11,000 members renew successfully.

For Medicare Consumers

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Medicare is confusing when it shouldn't be.  

We are dedicated to helping Medicare consumers do more and get more from their Medicare plans.

We engage, educate, and support Medicare consumers and build high-impact tools, checklists, and assessments to simplify the Medicare plan journey. 

Join the Wiser Medicare community! 

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